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ExploreStars for the Explore Scientific PMC-Eight System

This is the Celestial Database Archive for the ExploreStars App by Explore Scientific and for developers of the OpenGOTO Community for the PMC-Eight GOTO System.

The database of objects which as of March 21, 2017 has over 85,000 objects, is 70 MB. The ExploreStars Celestial Database currently includes stars down to magnitude 12.5 from the Tycho 2 Catalog; the latest version of the RNGC catalog of deep sky objects; and includes data for Major Planets.

This database has been updated and expanded since its inception, and will continue to do so. Depending on the interest level of the astronomical community, we may open a portal to allow users and developers to submit images, descriptive text, and astrometric data for new objects, or for existing objects in this archive. Those submissions would be vetted by the OpenGOTO Community's Database Committee, and upon approval would be added.

Let us know your thoughts regarding a Submission Portal for the Explore Stars Celestial Archive.